010: Susanne Lakin

To learn more about Susanne visit her at http://www.cslakin.com

To learn more about Susanne visit her at http://www.cslakin.com

Susanne’s first novel of fifteen was picked up by the first agent who read it. Her novel Innocent Little Crimes made the top 100 in the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest - and anyone who has ever entered a writing contest knows what a feather in her cap that is. Susanne currently works as a freelance copyeditor and writing coach, and teaches writing at conferences. Her website Live Write Thrive is dedicated to helping writers learn the craft of writing, with tips on how to thrive and prosper through understanding changing publishing trends - which of course is exactly what this podcast is all about.



4 Good Reasons to Listen to Susanne

1. Learn how and why Susanne can write a novel in 3 months

2. Discover the benefits of Mind Mapping

3. Learn how professional editing can actually teach you how to write your first draft faster and better

4. Discover who and how a literary agent says will win (be successful)

Episode Resources

In this episode we mentioned several resources: 

Live Write Thrive

Colorado Promise by Charlene Whitman

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Author Marketing Club

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How many of you can write a publishable novel without having to revise it - and what are your methods?

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What we love about Susanne

Susanne gave us an honest look at what it really takes to be a successful, bread-winning writer, frankly talking about her struggles, strategies, and triumphs. She is chock full of original, innovative ideas that allows her to prolifically write novels, a blog, writing craft books, and freelance as an editor and writing coach.