002: Lisa B. Marshall

Lisa is a communication expert, author, and speaker par excellence. Her award-winning podcast, The Public Speaker, has earned over 10 million downloads since 2008 and currently earns over 275,000 downloads each month. It is also an iTunes top 10 business podcast. Lisa’s best selling book, SMART TALK, applies up-to-date communication research to everyday situations and gives smart, practical, step-by-step directions to achieve results and success. It is described as “the owner’s manual for your mouth!”


4 Great Reasons to Listen to Lisa

1. Learn just how important it is to speak well.

2. Learn more about when Lisa’s new Smart Talk podcast based on her bestselling book will be available.

3. Find out where a speaker/author with 10,000,000 podcast downloads likes to write.

4. How Lisa turned a No into a YES - with a personal twist!


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Guy Kawasaki - Mashable Article 

Smart Talk

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Question of the Day: What about you? Do you fear speaking in public?  

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What we love about Lisa...


"Lisa is a highly respected and successful podcaster turned author with the release of her book Smart Talk. Her easy laughter and enthusiasm for life, her family, and work, make her a delight to work with."

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