012: Jacquie Rogers

Learn more about Jacquie and her writing at http://www.jacquierogers.com

Learn more about Jacquie and her writing at http://www.jacquierogers.com

Can you ever take the country out of a girl's heart? Probably not, and that’s why Jacquie’s stories often take place in Idaho where she grew up. Much Ado About Marshals (#1 in the Hearts of Owyhee Series) won the 2012 RttA Award for Best Western, the CTRR Award, and garnered a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick. Jacquie owns the Romancing The West blog, the Western Historical Romance Book Club on Facebook, and is a member of Western Fictioneers and Romance Writers of America. Besides traditional western and western historical romance, Jacquie writes fantasy romance and is working on a YA fantasy.


4 Good Reasons to Listen to Jacquie

1. Learn the unique way Jacquie structures the writing of her stories

2. How Jacquie handles criticism 

3. Why Jacquie hires professionals to edit and design her covers

4. Progressive thoughts of what it’s going to take for writers to be successful in 2014

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What we love about  Jacquie

Jacquie is a charming blend of genuine, funny, eclectic, and extremely knowledgeable in her field of writing. Interviewing Jacquie is like sitting down with a good friend, sharing tall cups of milk (you'll have to listen to the podcast to get that one), and parting much happier and wiser.