Introduction: Can a podcast really change your life? We think this one will.

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If you already have it made as a writer/author and all your questions are already answered, if you never feel alone or unmotivated or uncertain that all your writing efforts are going to pay off, if you don't like learning and advancing your knowledge through a fun and entertaining format, then this podcast isn't for you! 

HOWEVER, if you're like most writers/authors wanting to not just keep up with the times but stay ahead of them, enjoy learning from other successful artists in your field, like your learning to be casual, innovating, and fun, then hold your horses! You don't need to look any further. You're there!

We really are a ‘couple’ of writers having been married for a blissful :) 33 years and enjoying the blessings of four children. Publishing both fiction and non-fiction works for more than a decade, we represent the Venus and Mars of the writing world. We podcast from the beautiful Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul hoping to unlock the keys to writing success for those fumbling with their keychains. And best of all, we do it with flair in a casual, fun atmosphere. 

We can't wait for you to join us!


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