011: George Duncan

Learn more about George at http://endtimestavern.com

Learn more about George at http://endtimestavern.com

George turned to writing after his professional golf aspirations didn’t pan out. For more than 40 years he was a journalist, reporter, editor, and editorial writer. Now George is a successful novelist with six published books of his own and several novels ghostwritten for clients. His latest novel At Play in the Seas of the Lord, a modern day treasure hunting tale, tackles the most difficult questions in Christianity: Why do bad things happen to good people? And, If there is a kind and loving God, why was there a Holocaust? 



4 Good Reasons to Listen to George

1. George addresses tough Christian issues in the form of historical fiction

2. Discover two exasperating hobbies George just can’t give up

3. Find out how Egor and Bruno help George deal with bad reviews and criticism

4. Learn from George where you can go to get editors interested in your books

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George uses humor to keep his writing aspirations in check. What do you do?

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What we love about George

George is plain old fun and easygoing to interview, so when he says he handles deep Christian issues through fiction that is often witty, we believe him. If you are feeling overwhelmed with trying to publish and market your books take a lesson from George: Great writing sells. Period.