About Us

We really are a ‘couple’ of writers having been married for a blissful :) 33 years and enjoying the blessings of four two-legged children and two four-legged ones. Publishing both fiction and non-fiction works for more than a decade, we represent the Venus and Mars of the writing world. We podcast from the beautiful Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul hoping to unlock the keys to writing success for those fumbling with their keychains. And best of all, we do it with flair in a casual, fun atmosphere you’ll want to be a part of!

About Her


I used to think I was just a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, and a writer. But now I realize that I've been a Master Juggler for many decades. Up in the air and swirling about are pins and balls and knives dedicated to writing and publishing my children's novels, short stories, and ebooks, (debratracy.com), defending my ping-pong champion status, creating and preparing organic food without dairy, soy, eggs, and citrus, developing an organic skincare line (for home use so far, because I don't have the time to go on Shark Tank!) and a killer Chai tea, studying and applying natural medicine, knitting and crocheting, copywriting and editing, designing, launching, and hosting a podcast... and keeping my husband in line. I have to because he's the one who gives me the hand and foot massages at the end of a long and productive day!


About Him

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Apart from being a near perfect husband and business partner, :-) I enjoy working with other entrepreneurs as they give flight to their new enterprises. If I didn't already have a full-time-and-a-half business week, I'd like to work with wood. Debbie really wants me to! I think it has something to do with desperately needing new kitchen cupboards. If I didn't love watching golf, college football, and the Vikings, I might just get those cupboards started. My favorite movie is Lemon Drop Kid, a Bob Hope classic, and I like nothing better than a good pasta dish with grilled vegetables, unless it's Thai curry. My work space is pretty awesome and mostly I work standing up. Gotta get that exercise in somehow, right? I sleep like a log while Debbie stays up half the night organizing our lives. I tell her not to, but deep down, it comes in handy. I make up for my bad 'sleeping well' habit by massaging her hands or feet every night. Gotta keep the wife happy!